Sunday, January 3, 2010

long time no see

Long time no see...

So, my little experiment is obviously somewhat of a failure. Being that I am neither writing, nor am I progressively talking about writing in any coherent sort of way. However, the existence of this little corner of the internet has led to discussions which have in turn led back to me being here.

For now, I will run totally counter to anything I would have said whenever I was here last. This is not to say any of the past ranting about writing has been proven wrong, or anything. My past rantings fell out of training and a growing understanding of a very specific style of writing. Why we're going counter to that is because when you're not writing, your writing muscle starts to atrophy. When your muscles start to atrophy, you can not just jump back into your regimented workout schedule. Easy does it, and that, yeah?

This is my stipulation for now: Just write. Fuck voice. Fuck style. Fuck. Your voice and your style will keep themselves up. They do that. They'll be there when you find them again. Will they be there the way you left them? Maybe, maybe not. With everything you write, and everything you learn your voice changes. Just like as you get stronger that workout changes.


  1. Hi William, sorry to but in on your blog to ask an unrelated question, but I saw your post somewhere that you attended Dangerous Writing, and I'm trying to find out about the workshops. The DW website is not informative about workshops and doesn't have contact info. Do you know if the workshops are still running and how I find out about them? Thanks so much, any info would be much appreciated. Elva

  2. Oops, I guess you can't write back to me if I don't leave info. Thanks for your advice and time.