Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Alphabet Game and other prompt talk

So, someone does read this thing. My likely first follower has sorta become my accountability at this. We have even started playing “The Alphabet Game” wherein we go through the twenty-six letters that comprise our linguistic discourse. This is not to say we do the kindergarten A is for Apple deal, but we use it to limit our prompts to a word, and therefore much more of concept than a setting. This is pretty interesting since I have always done prompting the old-fashioned-way. Me and my girlfriend used to do them daily with song lyrics, or quotes, or a setting. I still start out a lot of my writing with lyrics which have become entangled in my brain. Sometimes I erase them, since that can be construed as plagiarism, but other times I leave them in as the character seems to call for it. We all know people who speak in lyrics and proverbs and riddles. Besides, some bands really like that you do this, as a fan, and will get behind you and be very supportive.

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