Saturday, August 8, 2009

It starts

My name is not William Pitts, and I may or may not know what the fuck I am talking about or spouting as truth. What I will say is this is going to be a ride for everyone involved. You, me, my girlfriend, my family, and my pets.

It appears at this point that finishing things is not my strong point, and for that matter, neither is talking about myself. Having said this, what's happening here is more or less doomed to failure. Here's the deal: I intend to get myself writing by ranting at random, and with as much honesty about my writing education as I can muster.

There is no game plan for this, and I have no idea what you will see, if you see anything at all. After all, why would you read this? This out of the sea of people talking about themselves.

From underneath the 12 by 12 Mondrian on my celling, for now, until something else comes out of my fingers, goodnight.

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